DVD: The Giants Wore White Gloves

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This DVD tells the true story of the courageous women of Little Rock, and their accomplishments during the Little Rock Desegregation Crisis. The 1958 school year began with a vote by the public, brought on by legislation passed in the Legislature that summer, to close four high schools in the city of Little Rock and once again avoid integration. A group of respectable, middle-class white women, faced with the prospect of no schools as well as the further loss of their city's good name, turned militant. They quickly put together the Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools (WEC). At peak membership, they numbered more than two thousand. Largely inexperienced in politics when they joined the WEC, these women became articulate, confident promoters of public schools and helped others understand that those schools must remain open. Forty-five years later, these courageous women are honored for their work in changing the course of civil rights history. With integrity, they withstood the challenges of the battle, accomplished their goal of reopening the city high schools, and went on to be a political force until they disbanded in 1963. In 1999, the WEC was awarded the National Education Association's Civil Rights Award.
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