What We Do

JNPA helps ensure that visitors to our nine partner parks will enjoy and connect with the places they treasure. We do this in a variety of ways including retailing, publishing, and product development, as well as by supporting education programs, facility improvements, and special events. We also provide specialized interpretive services to some of our park partners, as well as administrative assistance to the National Park Service as a whole.

Click here to view our most recent Partnership Impact Report. Here are some of the other ways we support our public lands and their visitors:

We directly support engaging park programs for children and adults.

We offer compelling products that connect visitors to the themes and missions of our partner parks.

We enhance the visitor experience for park guests with photographic mementos.

We administer a National Park Service grant program aimed at preserving the unique culture and heritage of the Lower Mississippi Delta region, on behalf of 20+ parks spanning the Midwest and Southeast NPS regions.

We host Challenging History: A St. Louis Collaborative, a network of local national park units, history sites, and academic institutions aimed at helping correct the historical record as it relates to many of the region’s marginalized communities. We regularly convene the partners, provide administrative support for projects, and manage the collaborative's website.

We publish books and other educational materials that celebrate the unique stories of our public lands.

We provide fun ways for park lovers to support their favorite site.

We produce virtual reality experiences like the award-winning Cobblestones & Courage to immerse visitors in the stories of our partner sites.