Lewis and Clark Visitor Center

Did You Know?
  • The Dorian Prairie Garden located outside the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center depicts common prairie plants and explains their uses by Native Americans.
  • In the visitor center, you can find interpretive exhibits about Lewis and Clark and a replica of the Corps of Discovery Expedition's keelboat.
  • Completed in 1957, Gavins Point is a hydroelectric dam, which produces electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of flowing water.

The Lewis and Clark Visitor Center in Crofton, Nebraska is located atop historic Calumet Bluff. It offers an awe-inspiring, panoramic view of the Missouri River Valley, the river, Lewis & Clark Lake and the Gavins Point Dam. It was on this bluff that the famed explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark received a warm welcome from the Yankton Sioux tribe as the travellers made their way west to explore the Louisiana Purchase territory. The explorers and their party engaged in two ceremonial smokings of the "pipe of peace" with the Yankton Sioux, and also participated in a feast complete with music and dance.

There are numerous things for visitors to explore at the site. The Visitor Center interprets the many fascinating stories about the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early 19th century. Other exhibits topics include Native Americans, steamboats, and local geology. Guests can also enjoy the Dorian Prairie Garden and Lewis and Clark Interpretive walk, as well as the many recreational activities in the area including hiking, biking, fishing and more.

What JNPA Does Here

JNPA operates the bookstore at the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center. Proceeds from the store help sustain educational programs and exhibits about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as well as the area's natural and cultural history.