National Blues Museum

Did You Know?
  • Among the exhibits at the National Blues Museum is an area where visitors can record their own blues tracks. 
  • The location of St. Louis along Highway 61 (the Blues Highway) accounted for its important influence on the evolution of blues music.  Musicians and song writers performed there as they traveled from the South to the recording studios of Chicago.

The National Blues Museum is the only museum in the country dedicated exclusively to preserving and honoring the story of blues music, from its impact on numerous other musical forms to its contribution to the nation’s culture as a whole.  The facility opened in 2016 and is housed in a historic building in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

The museum features both permanent and traveling exhibits with unique artifacts that highlight the origin of this distinctly American musical genre.  Beyond its exhibits and educational programming, it is also an entertainment venue with a state-of-the art theater, where local and touring blues artists perform for paying audiences.

What JNPA Does Here

JNPA operates the warm and airy retail space at the National Blues Museum, where we offer a wide range of unique blues-themed products.  Proceeds from the store support the educational mission of the museum.